Insanity Asylum Volume 1 Review

insanity Asylum volume 1

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When the initial Insanity workout program hit the marketplace, it immediately acquired notoriety among physical fitness trainers and athletes around the world. Insanity workouts include extreme as well as eruptive cross training methods used by sports fitness instructors and specialist athletes to educate to the extreme. Unexpectedly, these workouts were not unattainable, however instead readily available for any person to do in the convenience of their very own house. As a result of Insanity’s appeal as well as continuously increasing fan base, physical fitness expert Shaun Thompson chose to follow up Insanity with Insanity Asylum.

Insanity Asylum is the second program in a series created by fitness instructor Shaun Thompson, frequently referred to as Shaun T. Shaun is a world popular health and fitness instructor as well as choreographer with a lengthy listing of credit history listed below his belt, consisting of Hip Jumps Abdominals, Rockin’ Body, Focus T25 as well as the original Insnanity collection. Shaun was raised devoting his life to sports, playing football, baseball and participating in track as well as industry. He went into university where he studied sports scientific research as well as eventually went after a level in health and fitness. After gaining weight in college, Shaun wished to transform his physical body and show others to do the very same. He started a career as an individual trainer at gyms throughout the country as well as started instructing fitness lessons. His background in theater as well as dancing gave him a benefit when it pertained to choreographing programs and made his classes several of one of the most prominent classes around. While teaching at Equinox, Beachbody reached out to Shaun and he joined their group.

Right after signing up with Beachbody, Shaun developed the Insanity collection. It was released in 2009 and came to be an immediate hit, selling millions on the internet as well as through commercials. Insanity, an intense max interval training program, was quickly touted as the most difficult workout program on the market with popularity and a following that continues to grow today.

Several years after the original Insanity series was released, Shaun T followed up the series with Insanity Asylum, which utilizes high intensity, cross training workouts to challenge the body and help you achieve top results in as little as Thirty Days. It promises to help raise speed, power and strength, while likewise improving coordination and agility. Asylum is based on the training concept called the athletic matrix. It pushes every muscle in your physical body to its restriction through continuous sports drills. This means, with each Insanity Asylum exercise, you will work every muscle in your body. The workouts have little recovery time and are extremely fast lane. This is not a workout program intended for novices or companies that are not already in fair to good shape. The Insanity Asylum program can be done alone or integrated with the original Insanity program as well as P90X for even more recognizable results.

insanity asylum workout packageWhat’s Included in the Insanity Asylum Workout?

The Insanity Asylum exercise program features six DVD workouts, a speed rope, an agility ladder, a workout calendar, a dietary plan, the sports efficiency assessment DVD, a bonus workout titled Overtime and the Playbook. The total cost of the program is $89.95 plus $14.95 shipping and handling. As with all Beachbody programs and items, if you are not completely satisfied with the program, you can return it for a complete refund within 30 days.


Insanity Asylum Workouts

The 6 Insanity Asylum workouts are Speed & Agility, Vertical Plyo, Relief, Strength, Game Day and Back to Core. Overtime is a bonus offer exercise consisted of with Asylum. It is shorter than the rest of the workouts and is intended to be added to them in order to kick your workout up a notch. Prior to beginning Insanity Asylum and doing any one of the DVDs, make certain you do the Athletic Performance Assessment It will aid you see the progress you make as you complete each week on the program and give you an idea as to what you are in store for.

Athletic Performance Assessment.

The Athletic Performance Assessment is the first DVD you should embed your DVD player. It will have to be done prior to beginning the Insanity Asylum workout program in order to properly determine your progression with the program throughout the Thirty Days period. It is about 25 mins long, however it is by no suggests a very easy exercise. Also in the evaluation DVD, you will certainly integrate the ladder and jump rope that feature the program. While doing the in shape examination, you ought to expect to do plenty of push-ups, pull ups, mountain climbers, bear crawls as well as a selection of other moves. You will certainly likewise be doing some ladder steps and, because these are brand-new to the majority of people, they will take some acquiring used to. As you do the Athletic Performance Analysis later throughout your 30 days with Asylum, you need to see some significant improvement in your outcomes. By the end of the 30 days, you must be performing the steps considerably quicker and also have the ability to do more of them in the designated amount of time.

Speed & Agility

Speed & Agility is the first workout in the collection, complying with the Athletic Efficiency Analysis before you start. In this exercise, you should anticipate to do rapid paced cardio drills using the rope as well as ladder. The workout is about 45 mins long and also is rather extreme.


On your second day, you will certainly be doing the Strength exercise. It is around 50 mins long and also includes some resistance training with dumbbells. Along with using dumb bells, you will also be doing some resistance training with your very own physical body weight. You will certainly be doing some plyometrics, raise, bring up and also numerous various other steps. The problem in this exercise lies in the mixes that of these moves exist in. As opposed to doing straight collections of push ups, you will certainly be integrating them with pull ups at the same time. For example, you will do 2-3 push ups, then 2-3 pull ups. You will go back and forth, functioning numerous muscle teams at a time.

Back to Core

Back to Core is just one of the shorter workouts in the series at only 25 mins long and also you will certainly experience this DVD on your 3rd day with Asylum. Although this exercise is short, it is never very easy. Back to Core will certainly assist reinforce your core by working your back as well as abdominal muscles. You will certainly also be working your lower physical body to develop balance and strength from scratch.

Vertical Plyo

Vertical Plyo likes a great many plyometrics, equally as expected after reviewing the title. It is about 40 minutes long and also is fulled of eruptive motions and upright jumps. This workout concentrates on the much lower body as well as much of it is finished with the leap rope. You will hop rope on one leg, do push ups with resistance bands and also leap from scratch repeatedly once more up until you can barely feel your legs.

Game Day

Game Day is the longest workout in the series. It is a several hours long and also it incorporates drills that are carried out by professional athletes in practically every sporting activity imaginable. It consists of basketball, baseball, running, swimming, battling or even surfing drills. The workout is different and intends to give you among the hardest entire physical body workouts possible. It blends tips up, including actions that are new to Madness as well as new to any sort of Beachbody collection. You will certainly not get bored given that you will certainly be transitioning quickly, with little time for breaks or water, during the 60 min interval.


The Relief workout is considered an extending exercise, yet do not allow that mislead you. It is still challenging to complete and is roughly 25 minutes long. The workout aids strengthen your muscle mass as well as increase adaptability through various stretches. You can do Relief on its own as a “day of rest” away from the common quick paced Asylum workouts or include it on days that you do various other workouts to kick up your regimen.


The Overtime workout is just 15 minutes long, yet still handles to press you to your restrictions. You can do this workout by itself or add it on after among the main six workouts in the collection. It will be a fast paced, entire body workout session.

speed and agilityThe Playbook

The Playbook is your detailed guide to changing you with Insanity Asylum. It will lay out the program, day by day, so you recognize exactly what days to do exactly what exercise. The Playbook will likewise detail how you can integrate Insanity Asylum into a hybrid program with Insanity and also P90X exercises combined in. If you favor to do a broader selection of exercises as well as intend to include various other programs, the Playbook will certainly detail how to do this in order to achieve the best outcomes feasible and also kick up your routine. If you are not a big fan of hefty cardio, you can integrate P90X as well as have even more of a balance in between strength training and also cardio together.

Agility Ladder

The agility ladder that goes along with the Asylum DVDs is a training device used to increase the difficulty of the moves done in the exercises. You will certainly utilize it for mountain climbers, rise, running exercises, agility job or even ab actions. When you initially take it out of the box, you will certainly question how this could also be included into the program and, even more so, how it could possibly make it so much more difficult. After integrating it into the initial couple of exercises, you will quickly discover just what an efficient device it can be. It will aid enhance your form and also your coordination while doing even the most basic workouts.

strength workoutSpeed Rope

The speed rope is a basic, lightweight jump rope. For some that lack control, the rope can be difficult to get made use of to. It could reduce you down and also remove from your exercise. If you locate that the problem you have using the rope is not allowing you to get an excellent workout as well as acquire your heart price where it should be, drop it and also just leap to the rhythm. This will certainly be equally as reliable as well as not slow you down. A larger scale jump rope may additionally assist. It is best to exercise leaping rope before starting Insanity Asylum and periodically throughout the Thirty Days to enhance your strategy with it. The rope can be a property to any type of workout program and also is an excellent device if you are proficient with it.

Workout Calendar

Before beginning the Insanity Asylum program, you ought to obtain the exercise calendar and also hang it on a wall surface as a tip. This will certainly assist keep you answerable and advise you of exactly what should be done daily in order to complete the program and achieve your fitness goals in the Thirty Days ot takes to complete the program. The routine will certainly outline just what workouts have to be done on what day, so you do not need to guess exactly what follows. The calendar also includes the Asylum/Insanity hybrid workout routine and the Asylum/P90X hybrid exercise timetable as well. The hybrid timetables are likewise Thirty Days long.

Nutritional Strategy

Despite the exercise program you determine to make use of, you will need to work on enhancing your diet plan too if you wish to view outcomes. Your diet regimen is equally as essential, if not more crucial, compared to the workout you are acquiring. The Asylum nourishment plan will certainly set out what you must be consuming for morning meal, lunch and also dinner throughout the 30 day exercise program. It will certainly restrict your calories based on your frame as well as gender, but not to the point that it will leave you hungry or without enough energy to make it through the workouts. The diet strategy includes many of Shaun T’s preferred dishes, also, so you could attempt new meals or change some of your favorite meal time staples, and of course, you can incorporate your Shakeology smoothie for maximum results!

asylum workout gamedayWhat Can I Expect From the Insanity Asylum Program?

If you have currently completed Insanity or P90X as well as are searching for the next program to overcome, Insanity Asylum is it. If you have any kind of background in sports and competitive training, you will immediately feel like you are back in the midst of your training days. The extreme cardio drills as well as resistance training will certainly work every muscle in you with only a few pieces of equipment that you can take with you if you take a trip. Asylum is not only a brand-new program; it’s a program that was developed with brand-new, ingenious combination moves to target every muscle in your body. Even if you have done several of the Beachbody and also Shaun T programs, numerous of the moves in Asylum will certainly be new to you. After finishing the program as well as following the workouts and the nutrition strategy, you need to expect to view significant results both in your look as well as your efficiency. Not only will you raise a lot more, jump higher as well as have more endurance, but you will additionally have more endurance to power through workouts. Asylum can deliver incredible results but, just like any kind of program, all of it depends on just how much initiative as well as dedication you put into it.

Similar to several workout programs, there are those that enjoy them and also those that hate them. Not all programs are designed to match every person’s goals. Evaluate the pros and cons below to see if Insanity Asylum is an excellent fit to improving your physical fitness regime.


  • Asylum functions exercises that are similar to the extreme training most athletes obtain when competing.
  • Numerous of the moves in the Insanity Asylum workouts are new and also a lot more tough than those in the initial Insanity collection.
  • The program is simply 1 Month long, so you see outcomes much faster than with longer 60-90 day programs.
  • The program can be incorporated with Insanity and/or P90X to bring in range.
  • The exercises are very easy to adhere to and the actions are all clearly detailed.
  • The tools necessary to do the program is small as well as can be taken with you on vacation or while taking a trip for work if demand be.


  • Asylum is except everybody. If you are not in intermediate form, at minimum, you could not be able to complete the exercises.
  • There are only six workouts so the program may appear recurring if it is not combined with others, such as P90X or Insanity.
  • Needs even more room than various other in your home exercise programs.

If you are in suitable shape and are looking for a program to enhance your endurance, agility as well as overall athletic efficiency, Insanity Asylum could aid you do that for you. The workouts vary and the devices used (i.e., agility ladder, resistance bands, jump rope, dumbbells, etc) while doing them will assist you come to be much more accurate and coordinated while doing them. If you are not fit as well as have actually not yet attempted Insanity or P90X, you may wish to attempt those programs first. Various other programs, such as Turbo Fire and Power 90 are likewise good alternatives for beginners. Insanity Asylum is extremely tough and it can be discouraging if you attempt to begin a fitness program that you can not complete. If you are not already exercising regularly at a mid to high strength level, you will definitely intend to start with a much more standard program.